Under 2 Unit

Under 2 Unit

This room is where our youngest babies start from the age of three months and stay until they are two years. It is secure, homely, happy and designed to provide an environment that is both comforting and gently stimulating to our youngest children.

Our under 2 unit team are highly qualified and extremely caring. They will work with each parent individually to understand which routines they would like their child to continue at the nursery so that we can ensure consistency and familiarity.

For babies and young toddlers, we offer ‘continuous provision’, which describes a core of resources which should always be on offer to early years setting children. We provide a wonderful selection of toys, books and special games to develop physical, emotional, intellectual and social skills – always ensuring that your child is happy, secure and well at the nursery.

This approach also allows the youngest children to explore recent learning that they have particularly enjoyed or feel naturally inclined to keep practising and to discover and follow their emerging interests. We record their activities, milestones and special moments so that you can share in their progression and feel part of their experience at Carr Manor.

Naturally, we maintain a very high ratio of carers to children and have a maximum of 12 children in the under 2 unit. Every child has a nominated key worker, who regularly engages with parents and carers to keep them up to date with everything that their child is achieving and enjoying.

We follow the EYFS curriculum and extend this into the outdoor play area, where our babies and toddlers can practise crawling, walking, stretching and movement in the fresh air – all in a safe environment and with stimulating supervised activities.