Our Mission

Our Mission

The team at Carr Manor Nursery strives to help children to develop into independent, confident learners, socially responsible citizens and positive contributors to the world around them.

Our nurturing, modern and safe environment is designed to be responsive to each individual child – working in partnership with their parents and guardians to develop their abilities and unique talents.

Our Aims and Objectives

The right environment

We create a caring, modern, safe and friendly environment that supports each child to reach their full potential – ensuring they are healthy and safe in our care, enjoying play and achieving new learning outcomes, positively contributing to nursery life and building their first friendships.

Safe & compliant

We provide an environment that is happy and stimulating and where each child’s safety and welfare is of the utmost importance. Parents and carers are always welcome at the nursery. Naturally, we are fully compliant with all statutory and regulatory guidelines and operate to the highest quality standards.

In partnership

We work closely in partnership with parents and carers, Ofsted and the local authority and we take an active role in our local community.

Equality and diversity

We welcome children from all backgrounds and with all kinds of abilities. Our inclusive policy ensures all children are welcomed, valued and included, regardless of their gender, culture, ethnicity, religion, background, language, abilities or development.

Quality education and care

Our highly trained childcare professionals provide the highest standards of quality pre-school and nursery education and care. We use the EYFS to lay a strong learning platform for the future. Every child has a fully documented Learning Journey that captures their achievements and special ‘firsts’ for their parents to enjoy and celebrate. For children with special needs or disabilities, we follow a Code of Practice to ensure appropriate care and support, so each child can fully enjoy and make the most of their time at the nursery. For more information please see our Local Offer.

Continuous improvement

Our staff also receive ongoing professional development, to allow them to develop new skills and to build their confidence.