Pre-School Room

Pre-School Unit

In our Pre-School unit, we prepare our children for school with a carefully structured programme of learning through play. Activities are carefully supervised by our staff who check the progress and needs of each individual child and take steps to ensure that every pre-schooler is stimulated, supported, cared for and safe.

We encourage increasing independence as we see each child’s confidence grow, and we focus on physical, creative and social development. The room is fantastically well resourced with unlimited access to imaginative play areas, puzzles, books, maths games, messy play and computers – preparing them for their next step beyond nursery.

The pre-school unit is bright, colourful and stimulating and has a capacity of 32 children, in line with statutory requirements and reception school sizes.

We take the children out on local trips to help them understand their role in the community and to build their confidence at evolving everyday life skills.

The children have access to refreshments, healthy and freshly cooked food and snacks, a sleeping area and well-equipped toilet facilities, designed to suit each stage of toilet training. As ever, we work closely with parents to understand any specific learning needs or individual requirements and to ensure that they are carried out according to parental wishes, and we share a regular calendar of themed events and activities so that parents can feel engaged and involved in life at the nursery.