Toddler Rooms

We have two rooms dedicated to our toddlers. We welcome children into these rooms from 19 months old and above and they are designed specifically to suit the needs of busy, rapidly-learning and increasingly independent toddlers! The space is filled with rich, colourful and stimulating toys, artwork and experiences – with a strong emphasis on learning through play.

Children can access continuous provision through a variety of resources, including construction and blocks, book corner, small world play, tactile toys, water and sand, painting and model making, mark making and outdoor play. (‘Continuous provision’ describes a body of learning resources that are recommended for young children to access freely in their early years settings – allowing them to practise their emerging skills and recent learning and develop their own interests.)

Each room has areas themed for different types of play and learning – whether experiential, heuristic, physical, comfortable or imaginative. Our toddler rooms have a capacity of 14 and 12 toddlers respectively and we ensure there’s a high ratio of carers to children, well in line with guidelines and safety standards.

The children receive freshly made meals, snacks and plenty of drinks throughout the day, and they enjoy playing in our stimulating outdoor area come rain or shine (we ask parents to provide appropriate outdoor wear!)

The children in the toddler rooms also benefit from twin bathrooms and we work with parents to understand their preferences in timing and approach for toilet training. We find that children at the nursery often progress quite quickly as they learn these vital skills among friends!

Similarly, we begin to learn other vital life skills together, such as ‘how to use a toothbrush’ and we continue to work on interpersonal and social skills, sharing, listening and eating together.

For children with special needs or disabilities, we work closely with parents and carers to understand how best to stimulate, develop and care for their children so that they can enjoy a similarly rich and rewarding experience within the group.

Our team of staff in the toddler rooms are highly experienced, professionally trained to the highest standards and extremely passionate about what they do. Our parents often comment on the close bonds that the children gain with their carers, which is a mark of this dedication and care.

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